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Frits Kalshoven Competition 2016
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Frits Kalshoven Competition

 Frits Kalshoven competition

The Frits Kalshoven Competition in International Humanitarian Law is an annual event organised by the Netherlands Red Cross and the Flanders Red Cross Belgium for Law students in both countries. Named after one of the world’s most renowned experts in international humanitarian law, the competition aims to give students an opportunity to engage in realistic legal simulations of armed conflict situations, thereby taking the law out of the books. 


​The 8th edition of the Frits Kalshoven Competition will take place from

 23rd of February - 27 th of February 2015 in The Hague and Mechelen. 


Students participating in the competition take part in roleplays, simulations and moot courts. These will be evaluated by a jury composed of highly experienced people in the field of  International Law. In former edition members of the jury included judges from the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, delegates from the International Committee of the Red Cross and legal advisors from the armed forces. 


Participants will be prepared by attending workshops with international experts on international humanitarian law.


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