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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline for application?
The deadline for application is 1 November 2016. Please inform us if you are having trouble meeting this deadline.

Who can participate?
Teams consisting of three students from the same Dutch or Belgian university or defence academy can apply. Participants are required to be enrolled in a master degree at a Dutch or Belgian university or military academy. Participants are ought to have good knowledge of public international law, a keen interest in IHL and a good command of the English language.

The application form is available here: Rules and Registration
Is it obligatory to have 3 persons in a team?
Yes, each team has to consist of three persons. If you have formed a team of two people and are having trouble finding a third team member, please contact your lecturer/professor or us. We might be able to help you advertise for another team member at your institution.
What is expected of the lecturer/professor?
We hope lecturers and professors are willing to promote this event by informing their students and give them the opportunity to form a team and take part in this challenging Competition. 
What is expected of the coach?
Coaches are expected to prepare their respective team for the competition, both through facilitating practice sessions and giving feedback. Coaches can be lecturers, professors, researchers or volunteers (e.g. students that participated in former editions of the Frits Kalshoven Competition). 
I am a student and interested in joining the competition, what should I do?
Inform your university and lecturer/professor. Find  two fellow-students who want to form a team, ask a lecturer/professor/researcher/volunteer to be your coach, and register online. Please contact us if you do not know who to contact at your university or if you are having trouble finding a coach. 
I am a student but I cannot participate in a team. Can I help in a different way?
If you are interested in the Frits Kalshoven Competition but cannot participate in a team, you are very welcome to be in the audience during the Moot Court on the final day of the Competion. Moreover, you could help to make sure that your university still joins this competition by 'spreading the word' to inform other students of this opportunity. Moreover, Dutch speaking students in the Netherlands can become an IHL volunteer for the Netherlands Red Cross ('HOR-vrijwilliger'). 
Can I be present if I do not participate in a team/I am not  a coach?
You are very welcome to be in the audience during the Moot Court on the final day of the Competition. The Moot Court is open to the public. If you want to contribute in another way please contact: ihlcompetition@redcross.nl.
What is the purpose of the competition?
The purposes of the Competition include: 
• Promotion of knowledge and profound understanding of IHL among students; 
• Development of the skills and ability required to apply the law in a practical   and relevant manner to real-life situations;
• Preparations of participants for a career in or related to IHL;
• Supporting the teaching of IHL and the interest for IHL at Dutch and Belgian academic institutions.
How do we prepare as teams? 
Teams will receive training materials to assist in their preparation and to improve their command of IHL and related fields, such as Human Rights Law and Refugee Law. During the preparation, the teams may be asked to write an essay on a topic concerning the case study. This will not be part of the assessment, but will serve as a tool to see where further guidance might be needed.
When will we receive training documents?
Shortly after the teams have been selected, a training kit will be sent to the institution of the concerning team. You can check the Geneva Conventions and the Additional Protocols.
From December onwards teams will regularly receive additional information concerning the case study and training scenarios.
Is there a registration fee?
The registration fee for the 9th edition of the Frits Kalshoven Competition will be € 75,- per person. Materials, accommodation, most meals and transportation costs during the competition will be included.

The competition starts in Mechelen and ends in the Hague. Transportation costs to and from the competition are not covered by the registration fee.
How can I contact you?
In the Netherlands: Dorien Jansen, ihlcompetition@redcross.nl or
 +31 (0)70-4455753.
In Belgium: Laura de Grève, humanitair.recht@rodekruis.be  or
 +32 (0)15-443519.