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3FM Serious Request 2012: Reducing infant mortality in Haiti

Project information

Haiti's earthquake and cholera outbreak in 2010, two hurricanes in 2012, exacerbated circumstances in an already weak health system, which posted the highest infant mortality rates in the Caribbean. The South East Department particularly felt the brunt of disaster: 62% of its health facilities were destroyed or damaged in 2010. Here, many deliveries and maternal and neonatal deaths go unrecorded, but 49% of births are attended by untrained matrons and there is little access to care facilities due to distance, most of Haiti's population lives in rural areas, cost, and insufficient facilities and staff.
The project seeks reduction in infant, newborn, and maternal mortality by increasing knowledge of and access to quality healthcare services, strengthening links between health facilities and communities, and strengthening Haiti Red Cross' project management capacities.

      The main beneficiaries are women of child-bearing age and infants under one years old in the communes of bainet and Cote de Fer.

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Haiti;19 -72.41667
Cote de Fer;18.18847 -73.00203
Bainet;18.18494 -72.74778


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