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3FM Serious Request 2012: Reducing infant mortality in Ivory Coast

Project information

Blolequin is a department in Ivory Coast that faces high infant mortality rates and around 95,000 people live beyond five kilometres from health facilities, housing some of the country's most vulnerable populations whose lives were greatly affected by 2002's civil war. The war resulted in a worsening of already precarious and impoverished situations in terms of not only increased infant mortality rates, but weakening health infrastructures, causing increased food insecurity, and pushing chronic malnutrition rates above 38% in the western part of the country, where Blolequin is located.
The purpose of this project is to reduce infant and mother morality rates in the department of Blolequin.

      The project directly targets 12,850 infants, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and women of childbearing age.

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Zilebli;6.32901 -8.13896
Badouebli;6.59557 -8.09247
Cavally;6.41667 -7.5
Diéya;6.62538 -8.17088
Bably Vaya;6.61234 -8.15274
Médibli;6.52173 -8.05466
Dépouta;6.91043 -7.9622
Diboke;6.44434 -8.11234
Bloléquin;6.56913 -8.00253
Ke´bouebo;6.62618 -8.19529
Ké-Bouebo;6.62618 -8.19529
Zomplou;6.61944 -8.155
Doke;6.59281 -8.11205
Pohan;6.58803 -8.09317


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