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3FM Serious Request 2015: This next Generation, Palestinian Territories

Project information

The aim of the programme is to make young people who have to cope with conflict and that are part of ‘this next generation’ more resilient to the consequences of conflict. The Red Cross supports the development of young people in war and conflict by focussing on four different area's: education and personal development, psychosocial support, food and income for families, and emergency assistance.
PRCS runs a number of activities aiming at empowering youth and creating young community leaders who will act as active citizens taking their responsibilities towards their communities. Various training courses, seminar and lectures are organized to develop the different life, managerial and leadership skills of those young leaders. In addition to that, the PRCS’ youth represent the Society and Palestine in any events and gatherings at the international fora.
Moreover, the PRCS focuses its youth program on developing street sports activities and organizing IT skills courses, implemented in cooperation with the Danish Red Cross Youth. Through sports, children and youth will have a free space to unleash energy and release psychological pressure emphasizing fair play and team spirit. As for the IT trainings, they allow youth to have better chances of realizing their educational, professional and creative ambitions. Youth will be able to communicate, network and advocate professionally and socially at the national and international levels with their peers.

      The target group will be youth from 13-29 years old. In the project 147 peer educators will be trained, reaching approximately 4400 beneficiaries.

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