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Access to health care in Gaza

Project information

The humanitarian situation in Palestine's Gaza Strip has continuously and raplidly deteriorated since January 2006. Military operations lanched in 2012 have left Gaza in ruins and the already impoverished population in a devastating situation. The current health care system cannot provide for adequate treatment that many patients need. Health issues are often politicized, with patients find themselves caught up in a bueratic process after which they are tragically not allowed to leave the Gaza strip for specialized treatment. There are two hospitals from the Palestine Red Cresent Society already in the strip, but regrettably they have been facing decreasing donor support.
The objective of this project is to contribute to the resilience of people living in the Gaza Strip by improving the access to quality health care.

      The project will have a total of 30,000 beneficiaries. The implementing partner of the project is The Palestine Red Cresent Society with the support of The Netherlands Red Cross Society.

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Palestijnse Autoriteit


Gaza Strip;31.5 34.46667


Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Disaster type

Complex Emergency, Conflict


Disaster prevention and preparedness

Disaster Management Phase

Prevention and mitigation