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Burundi elections crisis 2015: supporting refugees in Rwanda

Project information

Due to election tension and violence, more than 160,000 people are reported to have fled Burundi (including 77,000 to Rwanda), since april 2015. On 25 April, Burundi’s current President announced he would run for a third term in the upcoming presidential elections (26 June 2015), which has sparked widespread protests in the capital, Bujumbura, and intensified the pre-election tension across the country.
This Emergency Appeal supports the Rwandan Red Cross to reach 10,000 people with a focus on interventions in the areas of emergency heath (first aid, psychosocial support, and violence prevention), water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, shelter and settlements, food security, nutrition and livelihoods, and a component of disaster preparedness and risk reduction.

      Through this Emergency Appeal it is expected that 10,000 people (2,000 families) will be reached, which will comprise 7,500 people (1,500 families) living in the Mahama camp, and 2,500 people (500 families) living in the surrounding Munini host community. Beneficiary selection will be based on the existing understanding of the most affected vulnerable families, with prioritization of female-headed households, children without parents, and those families who have visibly fewer belongings and means than others in the camp and host community.

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