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Clean water for communities in Papua

Project information

Several challenges have hampered Papua from achieving clean water. The challenge factors include the remoteness of the province, its poor infrastructure, and the management of the state-run tap water company PDAM. Currently only 35% of urban areas are covered by PDAM and only 14 % has clean water distribution to and in villages. The ingestion of inadequate water and poor sanitation facilities are directly related to severe illnesses such as diarrhoea and malaria.
The goal of the project is to sustainably achieve better health and reduced risk of disease outbreaks for vulnerable people in the target areas. The aim is to strengthen the provision of adequate access to safe water supply, and advocate safe sanitation and hygiene awareness among communities of the three target villages.

      Partners: The Netherlands Red Cross Society (NLRC) is responsible for providing technical and managerial support and The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) as the implementing partner will be responsible for the operational and financial management, as well as for providing qualified staff. Beneficiaries of this project can be considered to be all of the targeted communities in the three villages.

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Papua, Suskun;-2.9728 140.8535
Wonoredjo;-3.01667 140.83333
Yetti;-3 140.88333


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