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Contingency stock South Sudan

Project information

The continuous conflict situation in South Sudan, has created a high level of insecurity in various regions of the country and an increasing number of IDP’s. The OCHA report of 19 March 2015, states a number of 1,5million people being displaced, while 515,300 have fled to neighbouring countries as Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia. Many of the IDP’s flee to more secure locations in the southern part of the country, where the South Sudan Red Cross assist them, among others, with the distribution of NFI kits.
The project goal is to procure and distribute Non Food Items kits and to conduct a training for community volunteers.

      The South Sudan Red Cross Society is mandated in South Sudan to provide Non Food Items throughout the country. The South Sudan Red Cross volunteers, which are involved in this assistance, will be trained to respond to the refugees as good as possible and assist them in an efficient way.

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