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Dutch Surge support for Emergency water, sanitation and hygiene

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A growing number of countries face severe water related issues caused by climate change, enveronmental degradation causing water stress, water scarcity and pollution. This has an impact on drinking water, food supplies, infrastucture and economic development, and on vulnerable ecosystems and the stability of societies. Safe drinking water is one of the most urgent needs in emergency situations and lack of clean water and sanitation leads to disease and child mortality and increase of the workload of vulnerability of women and girls in developing countries. Water scarcity is a potential source of conflict, while floods often cause serious damage and claim many victims.
The Dutch Surge Support (DSS) sends Dutch water and sanitation experts to water-related disasters around the world to contribute to better international response and increased knowledge management in water-related disasters.

      The DSS is an initiative started by the Dutch government, the Netherlands Red Cross, and the Dutch water sector.





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