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Ebola 2014: coordination of the effort to prevent further spread in West Africa

Project information

2014's Ebola epidemic in West Africa is the largest to date, and the first ever outbreak in West Africa. The epidemic in the region began in Guinea and then spread to the neighbouring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone. These three countries comprised the heart of the outbreak, having more than 11,000 deaths and over 28,000 cases between them. There were also smaller outbreaks in Senegal, Nigeria, and Mali.
The goal of this project is to help Red Cross National Societies in Africa to effectively and efficiently manage the response to Ebola with coordination on country, regional, continental, and global levels within the Red Cross using the following objectives to guide efforts: development and establishment of the necessary structures and functions to adequately fill safe and dignified burial coordination, preparedness and training of staff / volunteers, increasing the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver immediate response, development of adequate staff and volunteer safety and security systems for pre, during and post-deployment support.

      This project takes place in Africa, and targets people in countries affected by Ebola, which are Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The project also targets those countries bordering these initially affected countries-- Ivory Coast, Mail, and Senegal.

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