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Food and water security in drought-prone areas in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia experiences many climate related hazards, and while in some parts the frequency and severity of such events allow people enough recovery time to normalize their lives and livelihoods, in the Somali region these become protracted. Not only has the recurrence of droughts in this area increased, but it is also an area with man-made hazards such as environmental degradation. This makes Somali region one of the most food and water insecure of the country.
The project aims to promote the resilience of shocks and stresses caused by climate-related extreme weather and environmental degradation.

      The project will be implemented in 9 kebeles and all community members will in one way or the other benefit from the project interventions. This is a total of 69,000 people. Vulnerable groups such as, women, children, the poorest households and the handicapped will be specifically targeted. The implementing partner is Ethiopian Red Cross Soceity, working in cooperation with the The Netherlands Red Cross with funding from both partners and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs.

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