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Food and water security in drought-prone areas in South Sudan

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Conflicts, environmental degradation, and climate shocks are factors that contribute to continued instablity in the Horn of Africa. These factors each challenge the resilience of numerous communties in this region, and erode their coping capacities. When communities are no longer able to cope people will escape their dire situation and migrate to other areas in search of opportunities for survival. This migration, especially if large-scale, puts additional pressure on the host populations with the risk to further add to environmetal degradation and conflicts.
The project aims to help make 100,000 community members, who are regularly affected by these factors, more resilient to food insecurity.

      The project aims to aid 100,000 community members, targeting those who are regularly affected by natural hazards.The organizing and leading partner of the project in the Netherlands Red Cross. For the implementation and embedding of the programmes, there are many other sector-specific actors.

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Zuid Sudan


South Sudan;7.5 30


Wetlands International

Disaster type

Complex Emergency, Drought


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Prevention and mitigation