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HIV prevention and support of vulnerable groups in Ethiopia

Project information

Although the HIV epidemic in Ethiopia is stabilising, the changes are not sufficient, due to the large number of infected people, as well as to the low levels of knowledge about HIV and a high prevalence of unprotected sex through multiple partners and intragenerational transactional sex. Orphans and other children affected by HIV are increasingly taken out of school and drawn into adult responsibilities, and therefore deprived of a chance for a full, healthy, and productive life. Furthermore, the children are also more exposed to risks such as STIs, HIV, child prostitution and early marriages.
The purpose of the project is to contribute to the reduction of the spread of HIV and mitigate its impact among people living with HIV, orphans and vulnerable children, and youth, to increase safe HIV prevention practices among the Most at High Risk Population, and to increase access to community based HIV/AIDS home based care/ support services for people living with HIV.

      This project targets orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), people living with HIV (PLHIV), youth, commercial sex workers (CSW), and prisoners.

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Gamo Gofa;6.25 37
Wolayita;6.84312 37.70051
Sidama;6.718 38.448
South West Shoa;8.60917 38.23534


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