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HIV prevention and support of vulnerable groups in South Sudan

Project information

The AIDS epidemic is a major challenge for South Sudan with an HIV prevalence of 3,04%. However, unawareness of HIV status, increased repatriation from countries with higher HIV prevalence, as well as cultural norms and institutionalised powerlessness among women and girls, are factors that are likely to contribute to a rising prevalence of HIV in coming years. Furthermore, there are unaddressed stigma and discrimination issues regarding HIV, as well as an increasing population of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).
The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the government’s efforts in improving the health status of target communities and reduce the impact of HIV by 2015. The project aims to contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality of children under the age of five and of women in childbearing age, as well as in vulnerable communities, and to confine the prevalence of HIV to less than 5% and mitigate its impact in the target areas. Another objective of the project is to enhance the operational development in HIV/AIDS interventions for the branch.

      The HIV AIDS programme in South Sudan targets 171 000 of the most vulnerable persons. The project aims to improve the health status of 83 391 men and 88 127 women, and to reach 230 vulnerable children annually. 16 000 young people are targeted for HIV awareness raising. Peer education reaches 26 000 people. The South Sudan Red Cross Society (SSRCS) will continue in collaboration with the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) and the IFRC.

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Zuid Sudan


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Lainya;4.25449 31.00041


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