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Household water treatment and storage in Malawi

Project information

Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the Southern African Region, as well as being the most densely populated. 86% of the population live in rural and peri-urban areas with low access to basic water services, which results in a high occurence of water related diseases. This is turn also has many negative effects including reducing school attendance and literacy, as sick children are forced to stay home.
The project objective is to improve the health of low income groups, including the most vulnerable people, through increased sustainable adoption of the Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) products and services. This will improve the access to safe drinking water and through this, morbidity and mortality rates are reduced and productivity is increased.

      The project will interact directly with the target groups in the low income areas. Women, who are responsible for water collection and maintaining hygiene in the houses will be targeted. Special focus will also be put on children going to school in order to improve school attendance, education and literacy levels. When these two groups spend less time on water collection it will benefit the future economic development. Furthermore, people with HIV/AIDS and children under 5 will be targeted as they are more vulnerable for diarrhoeal diseases.

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Phalombe;-15.66667 35.66667
Mzuzu;-11.46556 34.02071
Kasungu district;-13.03333 33.48333
Lilongwe;-13.96692 33.78725


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