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Partners for Resilience: Indonesia

Project information

Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation, and though they have made significant advances in reducing poverty, the number of poor in Indonesia remains high: more than 35 million people live below the national poverty line. High disaster risks such as floods and landslides further aggravate the poverty levels in the country as the rural poor suffer most and longest from these climate hazards. Regrettably, increased variability of percipitation is expected in the future due to climate change.
The project aims to reduce the impact of natural hazards on vulnerable community members. It increases the resilience of communities to disasters, climate change and environmental degradation. The project also increases the capacity of civil society organisations (CSO's) to cope with these natural hazards.

      The project will target the populations of 48 communities. The livelihoods of these communities are vulnerable to natural hazards, climate risks and environmental degradation. They are mainly fishermen and poor rural farmers who depend on environmentally sensitive areas. The implementing partner of this project is the Indonesian Red Cross, Wetlands International Indonesia and other civil soceity organizations. The project is organized by the 'Partners For Resilience', which The Netherlands Red Cross is a member of.

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Kupang;-10.1718 123.6075
Tangerang;-6.17806 106.63
Sikka;-8.6648 122.3824
Timor Tengah Selatan;-9.83333 124.16667
Kabupaten;-2.6259 112.2377
Serang;-6.1149 106.1502
Nusa Tenggara;-8.65738 121.07937
Ende;-8.8432 121.6623
Banten Province;4.9441 106.2502


CARE Nederland

Disaster type

Flash Flood, Flood, Land Slide, Mud Slide, Storm Surge, Tropical Cyclone, Tsunami, Violent Wind


Disaster prevention and preparedness

Disaster Management Phase

Prevention and mitigation