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Partners for Resilience: Nicaragua

Project information

Nicaragua is classified as a low- income country and regrettably, the geographic position of Nicarague makes it highly vulnerable to recurring disasters. The targeted region of the project is near the coastline, where communities are settled near to the rivers which are indespensible for their economic survival. This area is one of the most hurricane affected regions in the world. Five to fifteen hurricanes occur every year and each time the economic and human losses are substantial.
The project aims to reduce the impact of natural hazards on vulnerable community members. It increases the resilience of communities to disasters, climate change and environmental degradation. The project also increases the capacity of civil society organisations (CSO's) to cope with these natural hazards.

      The target communities live in the most drought prone areas. There will be special emphasis on women and youth. About 90% of the families live in the rural areas cultivating various staples, about 73% of whom live in poverty or extreme poverty. The implementing partners are the government and local NGO's and is organized by the 'Partners For Resilience', which The Netherlands Red Cross is a member of.

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Madriz;13.5 -86.41667
Waspam;14.74189 -83.9717
Esteli;13.09185 -86.35384
Nueva Segovia;13.7 -86.16667


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Disaster type

Drought, Flash Flood, Flood, Land Slide, Mud Slide, Tropical Cyclone


Disaster prevention and preparedness

Disaster Management Phase

Prevention and mitigation