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Philippines typhoon Haiyan 2013: helping affected communities to rebuild their livelihoods

Project information

Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest typhoons to ever hit The Phillippenes, affecting 14.6 million people and damaging 1.1 million houses. Immediately after the Netherlands Red Cross was part of the relief operation, specifcially foccusing on the muncipalities of Isabel and Merida, which were directly in the path of the typhoon and suffered tremendous devastation.
The goal of the recovery assistance is to aid The Philippine Red Cross in re-building the lives of the survivors of typhoon Haiyan by constructing safe and disaster resilient communities, providing livelihood opportunities and resources to cushion the blow of future catastrohphes and to ensure that environmental risks are minimised.

      The project is implemented in 20 Barangays with a total population of 20,381. There is special attention for more vulnerable households, such as people with disabilities, orphans, child-headed households, and people living with HIV. The project will be implemented by the Philippine Red Cross, with technical and managerial support from the Netherlands Red Cross.

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Merida;10.9098 124.5376
Isabel;6.70407 121.97117


Samenwerkende Fondsen

Disaster type

Tropical Cyclone, Earthquake


Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation

Disaster Management Phase