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Proud of my Purok: supporting communities to prevent and prepare for disasters

Project information

The Philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, exacerbating this situation is that global climate change, which has resulted in an increased number of days with heavy rainfall, causing the flood of the Agusan River Basin. This flooding is annual phenomenon, but it is increasingly becoming a threat as it causes severe landslide events which results in the loss and damage of the environment and communities.
Unfortunately we cannot prevent typhoons or natural disasters, but we can minimize their impact. This project aims to promote community resilience in the face of natural hazard events.

      The project is focused on the most vulnerable sections of communities, such as small land owners, the landless, fisher-folk, daily wage labourers and so on. It also includes vulnerable social groups such as the elderly, women headed households, persons with disablity, minority groups and children. The implementing partner of this project is the Philippene Red Cross, working in cooperation and with financial support from The Netherlands Red Cross.

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Esperanza;8.6176528 125.5008072
Monkayo;7.81528 126.05444
Talacogan;8.4489 125.7869


The Netherlands Red Cross

Disaster type

Flood, Complex Emergency, Land Slide, Tropical Cyclone


Disaster prevention and preparedness

Disaster Management Phase

Prevention and mitigation