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Refugee crisis 2015: support to refugees in Greece

Project information

Greece has seen a marked rise in refugees coming to its shores. These people are fleeing armed conflict, widespread violence and/or serious violations of human rights. From January to May 2015, more than 36,000 people were registered with the Greek authorities. By August 2015, 200,000 migrants were registered as having arrived to Greece via Turkey. As the land border between Greece and Turkey has become more difficult to cross, those seeking Greece come via sea borders between the two countries. Many arriving find themselves on Greek islands, including Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Crete, Rhodes, and Kos on a daily basis. These arrivals strain the resources in these locations because they often lack basic services for such population movements.
The Hellenic Red Cross is focusing on covering the basic need of refugees coming to its borders, including immediate relief at entry ports and as refugees move throughout the country, including providing basic food and non-food items, health care, first aid, psychosocial support, hygiene promotion, and restoring family links.

      This project seeks to reach 200,000 migrants, supporting their humanitarian needs, and prioritises the following groups: people arriving by boat or rescued from the sea in need of urgent assistance and medical care, people with special needs (unaccompanied minors, people living with disabilities, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases etc.), and women and children.

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