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Reliable water supply for communities in Cebu

Project information

The negative impacts on the health and quality of life of people who do not have access to safe water and basic sanitation are huge. Especially for poor and vulnerable people who live and work in the most overcrowded and polluted areas of the cities. Cebu is one of these cities where the poor are vulnerable to an unhygienic and unreliable water supply. This area also has its fair share of annual disasters, including earthquakes and typhoons. These cause serious damage to any existing water supply, with the poorest people having to carry the heaviest burden.
This project provides huge benefits to the poor through improving the access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

      The project will provide huge benefits to the poor, bringing safe water supply to 80,000. 30.000 of these belong to the poorest people in the slums of Cebu. These people are also the targets for the community programs to enhance health gains. The leading implementing partner Metro Cebu Water District working in cooperation with Vitens Evides International and with support from The Red Cross.

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Cebu;10.31672 123.89071


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