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South Sudan crisis: supporting displaced people

Project information

South Sudan became an independent country in 2011, two years later armed conflict errupted between the South Sudan's forces and Sudan People's Liberation army and regardless of ceasefire agreements, clashes continue to take place. The armed conflict has resulted in thousands of people being injured or killed. This long term instability has led to population movement towards bordering countries, where transitional camps have emerged due to the influx of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP). The services in these camps are very limited and inadequate, especially since most of the people who arrive in the camps are in bad condition.
Through contribution to the overall humanitarian intervention, the project aims to support internally displaced persons and affected host populations in Central and Western Equatoria

      The direct beneficiaries are the internally displaces persons and also vulnerable members of the host population. Eventually the whole host population will benefit from the investment and rehabilitation of the water points.

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Zuid Sudan


Mundri;5.3472 30.32433
Juba;4.85165 31.58247
Morobo;3.68957 30.7795
Yambio;4.57213 28.39549
Lainya;4.25449 31.00041
Terekeka;5.45303 31.75198
Central Equatoria;4.75 31
Ezo;5.07077 27.46625
Ibba;4.79273 29.12762


Belgian Red Cross

Disaster type

Conflict, Complex Emergency


Material relief assistance and services

Disaster Management Phase