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Syria conflict: supporting refugees in Lebanon

Project information

Due to the Syrian Crisis a lot of refugees have been forced to find shelters in neigboring countries. The conflict has even started to spill over to Lebanon and with an increasing number of armed attacks, there is serious need for better health care in the area. In Jordan the urban refugees face different issues: They face increasing poverty and if they are able to find work, they receive low wages for unskilled labour. Additionally, the pressure put on male family members in poor living conditions leads to increased levels of violence for those staying at home. These women and children also face limited freedom of movement due to traumas and cultural reasons.
The project objective is to improve life conditions for Syrian refugees and the hosting communities impacted by the Syrian Crisis.

      In this project we are targeting both refugees populations as the most vulnerable, but also the host communities who need support. The implementing partners in this project are the Lebanese Red Cross Soceity and The Jordan Red Cross Society with the support of the Netherlands Red Cross.

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Râs-Baalbek village;34.25889 36.41917
Tripoli;34.43667 35.84972
Halba City;34.54278 36.07972
Chebaâ;33.3475 35.74917
South Amman;31.879 35.88816


European Commission

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Material relief assistance and services

Disaster Management Phase