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Well prepared Red Cross/Red Crescent societies for disaster response: Colombia

Project information

The provinces of Vichada, Vaupés, and Guainia are mainly populated by indigenous populations, who are one of the most vulnerable groups in the country. These provinces depend heavily on the capital, Bogota, for emergency response and assistance in the event of disasters, which can take weeks. When needed assistance exceeds local capacities, the effects of disaster on local populations are compounded, and these areas do not receive support from other Red Cross partners in Columbia. Red Cross Columbia’s volunteer numbers in these areas are low, and they are also underequipped and undertrained, with little ability to respond to emergencies.
The purpose of the response preparedness programme in Columbia is for the Netherlands Red Cross and Columbia Red Cross to strengthen the capacity of the Red Cross national society in Columbia through the following objectives: improving the function of national and local mechanisms, enhancing the strategic positioning and logistical support of Columbia Red Cross’ relief stock, strengthening six of Red Cross Columbia’s Southeast branches in Vichada, Vaupés, and Guainia, and improving Columbia Red Cross’ disaster management plan.

      The programme targets Red Cross disaster response team members and management staff.

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Guainia;2.5 -69.5
Vichada;5 -69.5
Vaupes;0.75 -70.75


Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Disaster type

Civil unrest, Conflict, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic, Flood, Tropical Cyclone, Volcano


Disaster prevention and preparedness

Disaster Management Phase