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Well prepared Red Cross/Red Crescent societies for disaster response: Lebanon Red Cross

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Lebanon is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, it ranks 27 disregarding the refugees that it accommodates today. Particularly since 2011 Lebanon has seen its overall population increase by 50% , making it the country with the highest refugee population per capita. The actual total number of refugees including Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugees is estimated at around 2 million, with an overall resident population of around 4 million persons. With no solution to the regional conflicts in sight and a weak central authority, Lebanon is particulary exposed to extremely high security risks, leading to armed conflicts along its borders as well as internal, explosions, demonstrations, uprisings in prisons etc. The ad-hoc nature of the informal settlements and their integration into the social fabric of the country also enhances the risks of communal conflict, and mundane events such as heavy rainfall, snow storms or occasional dry spells.
This project increases the speed and effectiveness of its response to major incidents and disasters in Lebanon of the Lebanese Red Cross.

      LRC’s volunteers nationally include 40% of females with more than 50% in urban areas. Therefore gender balance internally in LRC is well established. For CTP, DM policies ensure a focus on women and mothers in particular.

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