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Young expert support for water project in Malawi

Project information

A large share of the population in Malawi has no access to safe sanitation and hygiene options, while liquid and solid waste disposal and removal systems are badly constrained, resulting in high prevalence and incidences of preventable diseases.
The project target will be to improve the delivery of sustainable water supply, sanitation and hygience services in 9 low-income areas and peri-urban areas in Mzuzu City and Kargonga Town. The project will support the deliverly of development plans, support local economic development, income generation and poverty reduction by actively stimulating entrepreneurs to take up a role in the deliverly of sanitation services to residents and visitors of the target areas.

      45,000 inhabitants from the 9 project areas benefit from the project. There is special consideration for the needs of poor and vulnerable groups. The implementing partner is Malawi Red Cross Society working in cooperation with The Netherlands Red Cross and The Dutch Young Expert (YEP).




Mzuzu;-11.46556 34.02071
Karonga;-9.93333 33.93333


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