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Ask a question concerning tracing

All over the world countless people become separated from their families due to wars or (natural) disasters. People often do not know how to find their family members again, or how to send a message to them. This can have a profound impact on the lives of those remaining behind.
Are you looking for your family or a family member as a result of a war or a (natural) disaster? The Red Cross is there to help you!
Contact us if you want to submit a:
  • Tracing Request: A request to search for family gone missing in a war or disaster area.
  • Red Cross Message: A message to family or loved ones in a war or disaster area.

Contact us!

If you wish to ask a question to the Red Cross concerning tracing of family members, please fill in the form.
You can also call us on NL +31 704455822 Call       
or send an e-mail to: tracing@redcross.nl.