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After asylum procedure

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What happens when I am allowed to stay?
If you are allowed to stay, you will be given a temporary residence permit. At present there is insufficient housing to accommodate everyone. Therefore it is possible that you will need to stay at the reception centre for some time even after you have been granted a temporary residence permit. If accommodation is available it might be a container house or a converted office. It is possible you will have to share this accommodation with others.

Stay somewhere else
There are possibilities to stay with friends or relatives who can receive some financial compensation for this. This is the so called ZZA-arrangement.

In some towns the council arranges private rental houses. The so called GZZA arrangement.
COA will be able to inform you about this.

When can I start the family reunification procedure?
After your application for asylum is approved and you have been granted a residence permit by IND.
Read more about Family reunification in this brochure of VluchtelingenWerk

What happens when I am not allowed to stay?
If the asylum application is rejected within the General Asylum procedure, you have to leave the country within 28 days. During that time you will be accommodated at a Repatriation Location.
If you don’t leave the country within this period of time, you are not allowed to stay at this location.
An asylum seeker can file an appeal against the decision.  The District Court will make a decision within the period stated in the appeal proceedings. Read more

Who can I turn to for help when I’m not allowed to stay?
Your attorney can help you to file an appeal against the decision.

Where can I find shelter if I’m not allowed to stay in the country?
There are local organisations that provide shelter, a bed, bath and bread. The council can get you in touch with those organisations.

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