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During asylum procedure

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‚ÄčThe Asylum Procedure is handled in an  IND Aanmeldcentrum = IND application centre
Where are they: In Ter Apel, Den Bosch (with side location Budel) and Zevenaar (with side location Doetinchem).

What happens here?
This is the office where you apply for asylum. You do not stay here.

Where do I stay?
COA will try to find you a place at a COA reception centre in In Ter Apel, Wageningen, Budel, Cranendonck, Arnhem, Oisterwijk or Gilze.
But unfortunately at this moment it is possible that you will have to move to another emergency shelter again.

What happens during the Asylum procedure?
After a period of rest and preparation the General Asylum procedure will start.
The application procedure itself takes at least 8 days, but can be extended up to 14 days.
After this there are three options:

  • You satisfy the conditions for an asylum residence permit. The asylum application is granted.
  • The IND needs more time for the investigation. The asylum application is handled further in the Extended Asylum procedure.
  • You do not satisfy the conditions for an asylum residence permit.

Which organisation can I turn to for help?
During the whole asylum procedure and the integration in the Dutch society VluchtelingenWerk (Dutch Council for Refugees) will offer practical and emotional support.  You will also get an attorney to help you during the whole asylum procedure.