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Can I freely practise my religion?
You have the right to practice your religion. But in the Netherlands religion is in generally considered a personal matter which is not supposed to be propagated in public. See also The Netherlands.

I don’t stay in a refugee centre yet. Where can I spend the night/take a bath/have something to eat?
Go to the nearest Police station, they will help you to go to the nearest shelter location.

I have fled my country and just arrived in the Netherlands. Where do I go?
To be officially registered you have to go to the Central Reception Location in Ter Apel.
This used to be the only central government reception location in the Netherlands. All asylum seekers go here immediately after they arrived in the Netherlands. Because of the big influx of refugees, there are temporarily 6 more central reception locations now (also in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leusen, Didam, Budel and Veenhuizen)  Because of the large amount of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands also the central reception locations are overloaded.

Or go to the nearest Police station. The police officers have all information about which reception location you have to go to and - if needed - they will arrange a train ticket for you.

I need medical help. Where can I find a doctor?
When you are in a crisis shelter location, please turn to one of the employees for help. They know which doctor to call. There are certain doctors assigned to each crisis shelter location. So you can not go to any doctor you like. Only the medical help by doctors assigned to the location is paid for by the city council.

When you are not in a crisis shelter location and urgently need medical help, call 112 for an ambulance or go to the nearest hospital. You will always get free help in case of emergencies.

Who will pay the medical bills?
All urgent medical care is paid by the Dutch government or City council.

What languages do they speak in the Netherlands?

The official language is Dutch, but almost every adult speaks (a bit) English. What time do the shops open and close?

Most supermarkets open at 8 am and close at 8 pm; smaller ones may close at 6 pm

A lot of other stores (mobile phone stores for example) open at 10am and close at 5pm.In smaller cities and towns shops are closed on Sunday, which is considered a ‘day of rest’.
Employees of your shelter location can inform you where the shops are.