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In case of emergency

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In case of life threatening emergency situations:
When you need an ambulance, police or fire brigade: CALL 112!

Text phone for the deaf: 0800 8112

Are you at a COA location?
In the event of an accident, always warn the centre's reception desk.
All COA employees and the staff at the reception desk are trained to render assistance in the case of accidents. The assistance offered by Trigion and COA before the ambulance or fire brigade arrives is important in ensuring a proper outcome.

In life-threatening emergency situations, you can directly call the national emergency number 112.

Here you read more about the emergency number 112 (only in English)

What if you have an emergency but you don't speak English?

  • When you are at a COA location: Alert the reception Desk!

  • When you are outside or somewhere else:
    The people who answer your call speak different languages.
    If possible ask someone who speaks English, French, Spanish, Dutch or German to make the call for you.
    If you are alone, say in English: I only speak Arabic/Tigrinya.