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Official organisations

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​Official organisations that you will meet and/or can help you during your stay.

Red Cross
The Red Cross is ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and other situations of violence worldwide.

Vluchtelingenwerk, Dutch council for refugees, is an independent human rights organisation, whose aim is to protect the rights of asylum seekers. The Dutch Council for Refugees can give you information and explain the asylum procedure to you. The Dutch Council for Refugees is there in person to inform and support you as you pass through the asylum procedure; it can also help you if there are any problems with other organisations. It works in close cooperation with your lawyer. Also important is that the employees of the Ducth Council for Refugees can be appraoched if you just want to talk about the experiences you have had. The Dutch Council for Refugees takes no part in the decision about your asylum application. The Dutch Council for Refugees is present in all reception centres of the Central Agency for the reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). The organisation is not present in the Crisis Shelter Locations.

Vreemdelingen politie
The Foreign Police investigates the identity and residence status of foreigners. The department also investigates large-scale crimes such as trafficking, smuggling and identity fraud.

IND,  Immigration and Naturalisation Service,  implements the policy on foreign nationals in the Netherlands. This means that IND assesses all residence permit applications of people who intend to live in the Netherlands or who want to obtain Dutch citizenship. This can include refugees who are not safe in their own country and who are therefore requesting asylum.

COA, Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers,  is responsible for the reception, supervision and departure (from the reception location) of asylum seekers entering the Netherlands. This site gives information about the organisation and their occupants.

The DT&V, the Repatriation and Departure Service, is responsible for expediting the voluntary and forced departure of foreigners who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands.
The DT&V also acts as the point of contact for the competent authorities in the countries of origin and their diplomatic representatives.

Legal taks of the Dutch Police are: uphold the rule of law and provide help to those in need.
Every police station in the Netherlands know where refugees should go and they have the means (local transportation or train tickets) to get you there.