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​The Red Cross Studentdesk of The Hague is committed to involve students in Red Cross volunteer projects and activities. These projects are launched and organized by the Studentdesk itself. Our general purpose is to deliver help and serve the less fortunate. The projects have a strong and persistent voice towards the benefit of society both in The Hague and internationally.  There are many upcoming projects and social drinks. The Hague is an international student  city and we welcome both dutch and non dutch speaking students!

What we do:

  • Serious Request Benefit Party: The Studentdesk is raising money for 3FM Serious Request by organizing Let's Clean this Shit Up Benefit Party. The aim of the benefit party is not only to raise money, but as well to create awareness under the students.
  • Dare2Care: The Studentdesk is daring you to care and stick to your New Year's resolutions. The Desk organizes benefit parties where it's all about giving back. All profits will go to a project called Mappa Mondo: an initiative to give a homey and loving environment to kids that are very ill.
  • 2aanTafel: This project brings the young and the elderly of The Hague together to share a meal and a great conversation. This project strives to encourage students to become active members of society and to battle the isolation of the elderly in our society.
  • Sinterklaas voor iedereen!: With this project our goal is to realize the celebration of Sinterklaas for all children in The Hague. Students organize a fundraiser to collect presents for children who do not have the chance to celebrate Sinterklaas due to unfortunate financial circumstances. 

Check humanityworks to see how you can start right away!