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JAPAN: Join the relief effort, make a donation

Because of the massive earthquake and tsunami whick struck Japan, thousands of people have died, many more remain unaccounted and families have been rendered homeless. Survivors will suffer from aftershocks, bad weather conditions, a shortage of food, water and fuel and need help to cope with their nation's worst crisis in 60 years.

Given the extent of this catastrophe and in order to contribute to the relief effort, the BNP Paribas Group has decided to make a donation of 100 million Yen (EUR 885,000) to the Japanese Red Cross.

On this website you can make your own donation until 31 March. If the collected donations of BNP Paribas group worldwide reach 100 million Yen (EUR 885,000), BNP Paribas Group will double this amount. On behalf of the victims, the Red Cross and BNP Paribas we would like to thank you very much.