3FM Serious Request 2016: Pneumonia in Zambia

3FM Serious Request 2016: Pneumonia in Zambia

People reached:
Budget:€ 544.000
Duration:30-04-2017 – 30-10-2019

The key focus of the project will be to build community resilience aimed at enhanced health seeking behaviour as well as understanding danger signs of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI)/pneumonia. Therefore, the project will focus on the reduction of child mortality due to pneumonia, through strengthened preventive measures, early case detection, and improved access to and prompt management of children with pneumonia, effective referral and follow-up as well as proper child care. Attention will be paid to building the capacity of the local Red Cross volunteers, neighbourhood health communities (NHCs) community health workers (CHWs) and community members in promoting exclusive breastfeeding and appropriate complementary feeding, immunisation, indoor air pollution reduction and early case identification of pneumonia in under-five year olds. The project will also focus on procurement of necessary training and tools for diagnosis and treatment at both community and facility level. Like other rural districts in Zambia, communities of Luampa, Kalabo and Limulunga districts go through numerous socio-economic challenges characterised by chronic poverty. Limited infrastructure and lack of social amenities such health facilities, schools and markets are main features of most communities in these districts. At the same time, unsustainable livelihood activities, unfertile soils, floods, and to a certain extent, isolation further puts communities in these areas at risk of being caught in a poverty trap. This makes members of a community at risk of ill health. Children in particular are vulnerable to preventable childhood diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea. A long distance to the nearest health facility is one of the major issues for delay in seeking medical intervention, inadequate staff and low vaccination coverage of (pneumococcal conjugate vaccination) PCV in some of the districts. This project will be implemented in the following districts in Western Province: Kalabo, Kaoma (Luampa), and Limulunga.
Transformation of communities is sought in different ways and for this project, linkages with the just concluded resilient Baby project (focus on reducing infant mortality), which is implemented by ZRCS, will lead to improved sustainable child health services to the targeted communities. This will be achieved through strengthening of local communities’ capacity to deal with child health by building on the achievements of the resilient baby project through involvement of Safe Motherhood Action Groups (SMAGs), male involvement champions, traditional leaders (Indunas) and the community in general. Within this project, much focus will be on behaviour change of communities in terms of changing health seeking behaviours as well as adopting practices which may protect or prevent children from developing pneumonia. This will be accomplished through on-going advocacy but also through action, at all levels, following the development of a Behaviour Change plan.
The target group for this project will be children under 5 and their care takers. In each district at least 4 health facilities will be targeted totalling to 12 health facilities. The health staff will be assisted by at least 20 volunteers in each centre totalling to 240 volunteers. Beneficiaries will be selected in line with set criteria including age brackets. The beneficiaries selection will include; health staff, community leaders, branches and CBOs.
Donor:The Netherlands Red Cross3FM

Implementing partners:Zambia Red Cross Society

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