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3FM Serious Request 2010: HIV prevention & treatment in Mozambique

Land: Mozambique
Vooruitgang: Closed
Budget: € 362560
Looptijd: 2010-03-16 - 2013-01-30


The purpose of the project is to contribute to the building of community and family resilience to HIV by improving the care and support for children and their families who are affected by HIV, by preventing new infections and reducing consequences related to HIV/AIDS, including stigmatisation and discrimination, and by improving the capacity of the Mozambique Red Cross Society in project/ programme management at the local and national level. In 2009 the national prevalence of HIV in adults was 15%. Tuberculosis (TB), and TB and HIV coinfection, are major public health problems. Despite a decrease in the number of HIV/AIDS related deaths – which is largely due to a greater access to counselling and testing services – the rates of noncompliance with treatment are too high and a better monitoring of patients at community level is necessary. The growing number of new HIV infections and AIDS among adolescents and young people is believed to be caused mainly by high levels of poverty, limited access to information, and low education. The project is carried out in three areas in the Sofala Province: Beira City, Nhamatanda District, Buzi District. Some areas are more difficult to reach due to poor road conditions. The Province forms a corridor that is vital, and economically and politically strategic, connecting the south and the north of the country, as well as other countries in the region.


The community based approach will reach community members through sensitisation campaigns and peer education. Traditional healers and other gatekeepers in the communities will be sensitised to sexual health issues. The kids’ club approach aims at integrating children in recreational, educational and psychosocial support activities in their communities. Through volunteer supported training people living with HIV will be involved in the care of vulnerable children, as well as in HIV prevention. Socioeconomic development and income generating activities will be promoted.


The local and implementing partner of the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) is the Cruz Vermelha de Mozambique. The direct beneficiaries of the project are 1 120 children, 283 families of people living with HIV/AIDS, and 1 600 youth in and out of schools. Indirect beneficiaries who are expected to be reached by community mobilisation activities include all members (14 519) of the project sites.

Type ramp: Disaster prevention and preparedness Epidemic Prevention / Mitigation
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross
Uitvoerende partners: Mozambique Red Cross Society

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