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3FM Serious Request 2013: Reducing child mortality due to diarrhoea in CAR

Land: Central African Republic
Vooruitgang: Closed
Budget: € 900223
Looptijd: 2013-12-31 - 2017-03-30


The objective is to rehabilitate water points through redeployment of skilled craftsmen to repair manually-operated water pumps and wells, and hygiene promotion in rural prefectures. This project is integrated in a larger ICRC-project. The landlocked Central African Republic has been undergoing a political and military crisis since December 2012, when rebel coalitions clashed with government forces over the former’s failure to honour signed peace agreements. The economic and social impact of this crisis have severely affected the access to drinking water for the population in rural areas, particularly those where humanitarian access has been limited due to such instability. The project takes place in rural areas where humanitarian access has been limited due to instability. Specifically, the project works in the following prefectures: Kadei Mambere, Nana Mambere, Ouham Pende, Ouham, Nana Gribizi, Ouaka, Haute Kotto, and Bamingui Bangora. Several villages in these areas were attacked by armed elements present in different areas, causing waves of displacement.


The programme seeks to repair wells and water pumps through enabling networks of repairmen with the skills and equipment to complete these tasks. Additionally, the programme reaches local communities through good hygiene promotion.


Since water distribution infrastructure improvement is at the centre of the programme, repair workers are targeted in order to improved communities’ access to water. Also at the community-level, good hygiene promotion focuses on reaching individuals to improve the uptake of good hygiene practices.

Type ramp: Armed conflict Material relief assistance and services Response
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross
Uitvoerende partners: International Committee of the Red Cross

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