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Cyclone Idai Flood Recovery in Malawi

Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 853764
Looptijd: 2019-06-30 - 2020-06-30


On March 31st 2019, MRCS presented, an in country response plan developed and coordination with Danish Red Cross and its core partners (Swiss, Belgium and Netherlands Red Cross). The response plan targets 14000 households in 6 districts: Nsanje, Chikwawa, Phalombe, Zomba, Mulanje and Mangochi) and covers an 18 months period, including a 3 months response for the immediate needs. The Netherlands Red Cross is supporting the recovery of WASH in the targeted districts. The impact of the floods and heavy rains caused significant damages to houses, household items and livelihoods. In addition, other structures such at water sources , irrigation systems, latrines etc were submerged in the flooded waters. As a result, people sought refuge/shelter in schools, public buildings and higher grounds. In all the assessed areas, the displaced populations camped in schools (80%) and used school classrooms for shelter as well as other school facilities including water and sanitation. 4 districts: Nsanje, Chikwawa, Phalombe and Mulanje


By delivering means to re-establish beneficiaries way of life through the provision of Shelter, Food Security and Livelihoods, WASH, Health and DRR


The initial 14,000 HH targeted for the relief response will remain the primary target, however, the findings from both the MRCS Post Disaster Monitoring (PDM) as well a Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and an upcoming inter-agency Recovery Needs Assessment will serve to further focus the recovery effort to those who remain acutely in. The districts will be limited to 4.
The 14.000 HH targeted in the response comprised of 29.600 males and 40.400 females

Type ramp: Flood Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation Recovery
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross, Fundraising actions of the NLRC
Uitvoerende partners: Malawi Red Cross Society

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