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Emergency Shelter for survivors of sexual and gender based violence in Burundi

Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 362000
Looptijd: 2017-10-31 - 2019-03-30


This intervention will be executed in two phases, the first phase will consist of purchasing of land and building of an infrastructure in the vicinity of the BRCS health center. This service will be an annex of the Kinindo Red Cross Health Centre. During this phase we will also be able to provide shelter to SGBV victims through hotels and/or rentals. The second phase will be much more holistic with activities ranging from training of staff and volunteers, group activities for SGBV victims in view of their socio-economic reinsertion in the community, community sensitization in neighbourhoods and schools and supporting the national Hotline number. Additionally, support will be given to the Red Cross branches for income generating activities to insure sustainability of the action through own funds of the BRCS.

This project will focus on the first phase of the plan.

The NLRC in partnership with the Burundi Red Cross and the ICRC have launched a program to enhance prevention of SGBV in Bujumbura Mairie with a focus on changing perceptions and behaviour related to SGBV and to increase access to and utilization of services for survivors of SGBV in the Burundian capital. BRCS volunteers and medical staff are trained on care for victims of SGBV and prevention and communities are sensitized on sexual violence and domestic violence.

BRCS intends to scale up its interventions in SGBV to continue activities of behaviour change of the population of Bujumbura Mairie and provide quality services to the victims
One of the gap identified is the lack of emergency shelter to refer survivors of SGBV that have security concerns and for this reasons cannot remain in their homes or are chased away from their families. Emergency shelters are places that provide immediate security, temporary refuge, and support to survivors escaping violent or abusive situations. They constitute a formal response service as part of GBV case management. This service is, through the referral process, made available to any survivors of violence who are in imminent danger. Bujumbura Mairie


Purchasing of land and construction of building in the vicinity of the BRCS health center. This service will be an annex of the Kinindo Red Cross Health Centre


360 survivors of SGBV

Type ramp: Civil unrest and other situations of violence Multisector aid for basic social services Preparedness
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross, Fundraising actions of the NLRC
Uitvoerende partners: Burundi Red Cross

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