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Medical campaign in Lebanon

Vooruitgang: Finalisation
Budget: € 292000
Looptijd: 2016-10-31 - 2017-12-30


This project supports the staffing and running costs of the Wadi Khaled ambulance station, as well as the rehabilitation of the Tripoli Blood Transfusion Centre (BTC) of Lebanese Red Cross. NLRC has been supporting the Wadi Khaled ambulance station since the beginning of the Syria Crisis. This station is located near the Lebanese-Syrian northern border; the area was the main route for evacuating injured Syrians at the early stage of the crisis. Currently the station and the BTC are targeting Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese host communities.

Type ramp: Armed conflict Civil unrest and other situations of violence Material relief assistance and services
Donateur: Fundraising actions of the NLRC
Uitvoerende partners: The Netherlands Red Cross

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