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Organisational Development Programme

Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 754566
Looptijd: 2017-12-31 - 2023-12-30


A strong National Society is an organization that consistently delivers, through volunteers and staff, relevant countrywide services to vulnerable people sustained for as long as needed and that contributes to the strength of IFRC and the Movement. National Society development is, therefore, the work done to increase one or more of the relevance, quality, reach and sustainability of National Society services. It is these services which justify a National Society’s existence and, as such, are likely to provide a National Society with the domestic importance and legitimacy to attract the resources to sustain itself. In this programme we deliver support to our strategic partner National Societies in order to strengthen their organisational capacities on e.g. strategy development, governance&management, branch development, HR, communications and more.

Type ramp: Disaster prevention and preparedness
Uitvoerende partners: The Netherlands Red Cross

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