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PRCS/L Health in Crisis

Vooruitgang: Closed
Budget: € 321000
Looptijd: 2016-12-31 - 2018-06-29


This project supports PRCS/L in treating the patients that are not covered by UNRWA against low fees or for free. PRCS/L patients and contractors of beds (mainly UNRWA) are not able to pay fees that cover the full costs of treatment.
At the same time, PRCS/L is working on improving the quality of services provided to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon (PRL), Palestinian refugees from Syria (PRS), Syrians, as well as Lebanese and other nationalities.
The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are facing a difficult situation. According to a survey carried out in 2015 by the American University of Beirut, 67% of the Palestinians in Lebanon is living in poverty, 7% in extreme poverty. Palestinians in Lebanon suffer from harsh living conditions, face social exclusion, lack many social and civil rights and are excluded from many social and civil rights. The situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is increasingly difficult to improve without major changes taking place at the political level, either locally in Lebanon or internationally. Access to health care is insufficient. UNRWA has the mandate for health care for Palestinians in Lebanon but is not able to cover all treatments and all groups of Palestinian refugees. The Palestine Red Crescent Society- Lebanon Branch (PRCS/L) is a main provider of secondary health care services for Palestinians in Lebanon and is contracted by UNRWA for secondary health care. PRCS/L is able to deliver quality health services for low fees and can therefore release the financial constraints of the refugees and complement UNRWA’s activities. PRCS/L assists refugees who have no means of paying and/or who are not supported by other agencies, such as UNRWA. The medical services offered by PRCS/L are of adequate quality, as has been shown by several studies. PRCS/L staff originates from the same communities as most of its patients and thus has a good understanding of the needs of this vulnerable group living in a very specific context. PRCS/L hospitals are located in or near the biggest Palestinian camps and thus are easily accessible for the local community. PRCS/L is, as the Nahr el Bared conflict has shown, the only major provider of health care services that is able to continue providing crucial and life-saving medical care to the refugees in times of conflict. PRCS/L continuously works on improving its infrastructure and capacities in order to give vulnerable Palestinian refugees the best care possible. Lebanon


Procurement of medical supplies, training of hospital staff, as well as installing a nursing call system and fire alarm system.


Improving the health of the most vulnerable Palestinian refugees (PRL and PRS), Syrians, Lebanese and other vulnerable communities in Lebanon by improving the quality of health services

Type ramp: Armed conflict Civil unrest and other situations of violence Material relief assistance and services Response
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross
Uitvoerende partners: The Palestine Red Crescent Society

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