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Restoring Paradice (Green Pearls) NLRC Haiti

Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 854200
Looptijd: 2019-03-31 - 2021-06-29


Applying disaster risk reduction measures that target not only vulnerable communities but also their degraded ecosystems (Resilience Framework). Haiti experiences high vulnerabilities from natural disasters and economic insecirity, this projects empowrs the local population to have a flourishing community. South East of Haiti, valley of Jacmel.


Implement Landscape restoration as an effective strategy for disaster risk reduction and community development
– Combining community resilience of the Red Cross with the 4R4R Approach
– Unlocking private capital from other investors for larger implementations of landscape restoration activities all over Haiti, thus causing a financial flywheel effect;
– Upscale and replication of the 4R4R Approach by local people and the stimulation of its adoption within the Red Cross movement, enabling wider application in other degraded areas worldwide;


The vulnerable population in Jacmel, South East of Haiti – appr. 36 000 people

Type ramp: Drought Flood Landslide Multisector aid for basic social services Preparedness
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross, Prinses Margriet Fonds
Uitvoerende partners: The Netherlands Red Cross

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