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South Sudan operation 2017

Vooruitgang: Closed
Budget: € 650000
Looptijd: 2017-03-05 - 2017-12-30


The ICRC continues to implement a cross-cutting response that combines emergency activities with efforts to help people strengthen their resilience to the effects of violence. Having managed to expand its presence in the field in 2016, the ICRC is seeking to increase its proximity to vulnerable people. Years of devastating violence has crippled South Sudan’s structures and basic services, undermining its people’s capacities to provide for themselves. There are an estimated 2 million internally displaced people, and over a million more who have been forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Earlier this year, the level of food insecurity was alarming, and many people were at significant risk of malnutrition and disease – one in three households was reportedly in urgent need of food. However, security and logistical constraints hamper humanitarian agencies’ ability to assist vulnerable communities, especially in remote rural areas. This project takes place in South Sudan.


It uses aircrafts to transport staff and supplies, while also attempting to increase aid delivery by land, when security allows, so as to reach as many people as possible in remote and difficult-to-access areas. The South Sudan Red Cross, as the ICRC’s main partner, receives support for capacity development.


This project supports those affected by violence.

Type ramp: Armed conflict Drought Emergency food aid Response
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross, Samenwerkende Hulp Organisaties
Uitvoerende partners: International Committee of the Red Cross

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