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Strategic plan NLRC and ERCS for Somali region– fighting chronic crises

Vooruitgang: Implementation
Budget: € 146308
Looptijd: 2019-05-31 - 2020-12-30


The goal of the project it to develop a joint ERCS/NLRC strategic plan for long-term humanitarian emergency aid in Fafan Zone of the Somali region with main emphasis on an integrated WASH approaches . This plan will be the result of inter alia a stakeholder meeting with among others WASH cluster members and the ICRC which we will be organized in Jigjiga to coordinate the project interventions. The project will also provide oorganizational development support to ERCS Jigjiga branch to enhance its response capacity. Somali Region, Fafan Zone, Tuliguled Woreda

Type ramp: Civil unrest and other situations of violence Drought Material relief assistance and services Response
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (BuZa)
Uitvoerende partners: Ethiopian Red Cross Society

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