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Syria-ICRC Septembre Campaign 2016

Vooruitgang: Closed
Budget: € 490000
Looptijd: 2016-09-29 - 2017-12-30


This project aims at implementing lifesaving interventions such as access and benefits from primary health care services, preventive and curative health

Syria is suffering since 2011 from a (protracted) crisis and residents and displaced populations in conflict and or besieged areas are hard to reach with medical aid and supplies


People in eight provinces had recourse to preventive and curative care at seven mobile health units and seven polyclinics run by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, with material, financial and technical ICRC support – for instance, the ICRC purchased refrigerated vehicles for the National Society, so as to enable the latter to better transport vaccines. Other National Society-run clinics, and health facilities in besieged and/or hard-to-reach areas, received basic
medical materials, including drugs for acute and chronic diseases, and supplies for childbirth. Assistance to some of these facilities was delivered during operations coordinated with the National Society and the UN (see above). Local authorities, health professionals and National Society personnel continued to work, with ICRC technical, material and financial support, to curb leishmaniasis and other communicable diseases. People mitigated their risk from such diseases with the help of health-promotion and lice-treatment campaigns, and bed net distributions.
The ICRC continued to develop activities for ensuring the referral of victims of sexual violence to providers of appropriate care


Wounded and sick people lacking health care. The total number reached with health care in 2016 is 1.4 million people mostly in besieged areas

Type ramp: Armed conflict Material relief assistance and services Response
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross
Uitvoerende partners: International Committee of the Red Cross

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