The Netherlands Red Cross

The Netherlands Red Cross

Welcome to the website of the Netherlands Red Cross! We are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world’s largest humanitarian network.

Our National Society aims to help people in distress. Whether they are in Ethiopia, Afghanistan or here in The Netherlands.

Our organization is located all over country. Thousands of volunteers in 197 local departments in The Netherlands and the Caribbean make sure that nobody has to face emergencies alone.


The Netherlands Red Cross is one of the 192 National Societies of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

What we do

The Netherlands Red Cross helps people in need during emergencies, conflicts and disasters. We focus on emergency response, volunteer assistance, first aid at events, first aid training, and assisted self-reliance. We also work on ‘tracing and support’ by restoring family links, provide war aftercare and we support victims of human trafficking. Our final focus is on increasing respect and willingness to help.

How we work

We follow the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. We help people in need without discriminating based on nationality, race, religious beliefs, gender, class or political opinion. Our seven principles are at the core of our approach to helping people in need and guide us in our humanitarian work: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.

Get in touch with the Netherlands Red Cross!

Do you need help, advice or someone to talk to? Or are you in need of assistance, for example because you’re a refugee and have any questions about your stay in The Netherlands? Contact the Red Cross Helpdesk!

Dutch and English:
Call +31 70 44 55 888 (monday – friday, 9 AM – 5 PM)

Other languages:
Please send a (voice) message to our WhatsApp Helpdesk at +31 (0)6 48 15 80 55. One of our volunteers will get in touch in the preferred language. This service is currently available in

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Do you want to become part of our movement?

Do you support our mission? And want to become part of our movement? We are more than happy to welcome you to the Netherlands Red Cross.

  • Volunteer positions: For some volunteer positions, Dutch may not be required. Please contact us to find out if such positions are available.
  • For professionals: Please make sure to check our vacancies, some of our positions are available for English speaking professionals.

Please note that our Code of Conduct (pdf) applies to all volunteers and employees of The Netherlands Red Cross. This code is in line with Henry Dunant’s philosophy and the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross. For all volunteers, our Volunteer Regulations (pdf) apply.



Want to know more about our work?

Or do you want to know more about supporting the Netherlands Red Cross? Please let us know via or +31 (0)70 – 44 55 678. Our team is more than willing to help you – in your preferred language if we speak it!

At the Netherlands Red Cross, we work hard to protect your privacy. Please check our Privacy Statement (pdf) for details about the protection of your data.