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Rode Kruis Studentendesk in Tilburg

Since 2006 the Red Cross has had a Studentdesk in Tilburg. The Red Cross Studentdesk Tilburg forms a link between the Red Cross and Tilburg Students. We give students who are attracted to the voluntary work and objectives of the Red Cross the opportunity to combine this with their studies. Gaining experience at a worldwide aid organization does not only teach you a lot, but it is most importantly very fun to do! Our voluntary work usually consists of work within a committee. We organize a broad spectrum of projects such as a humanitarian law lecture, the REDx Mental Health symposium, first aid courses for primary schools, or self-defense classes for women, as well as collecting donations for the food bank or clothes for refugees! Besides the committee work, you can enjoy lots of events and we even provide first aid courses, in which you can get an official first aid diploma.

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Dit doet de Rode Kruis Studentendesk in Tilburg

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