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Bangladesh – Cyclone Mora (SEF)

Vooruitgang: Closed
Budget: € 60000
Looptijd: 2017-05-28 - 2017-07-29


The overall objective of the operation is to support BDRCS on early warning dissemination and to ensure that immediate humanitarian needs of 8,000 families affected by Cyclone Mora in six most vulnerable districts among the cyclone catchment area are met through the provision of emergency food, shelter toolkits, safe drinking water and water storage items. On 28 May, 2017, a Signal 1 Level for an upcoming cyclonic storm was declared by Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD). The direction of the depression was heading north- northeast, due to make landfall in the coastal districts of Noakali, Laxmipur, Feni, Chandpur, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. The centre of the tropical depression was predicted to head further northeast through the districts of Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong.

In the morning of 29 May 2017, the BMD declared Cyclonic Storm “Mora” with an upcoming wind speed of 88 km/h. The government of Bangladesh declared danger signal number seven (R)2 seven for coastal areas of the above six districts and, in parallel, the Government of Bangladesh declared danger signal number five (R) five in Bhola, Barguna, Patuakhali, Barisal, Pirozpur, Jhalokathi, Bagerhat, Khulna and Satkhira. Later that day, the BMD declared danger signal number ten (R) ten for those 6 districts where the signal number was seven (R) seven.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) was monitoring the situation and an early action on preparedness meeting was held in the morning of 29 May.

Since the trajectory indicated that the storm would likely hit the south-east part of the country where the displaced persons from Myanmar are currently based, there were serious concerns on the impact that this storm could have on these vulnerable populations. As the probability of an imminent disaster was high, a DREF on early actions and preparedness was requested to support the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) district offices.

The BDRCS with support from German Red Cross (GRC) has been monitoring the development of the tropical depression since 27 May 2017, in consultation with the Climate Centre, independent meteorological institutes and the BMD BDRCS/GRC project of Forecast-based Financing (FbF), and triggered early action for preparedness. This was initiated due to expected wind speeds above 63km/h according to project guidelines, approximately 30 to 48 hours prior landfall Six most vulnerable districts among the cyclone catchment area


This project provides assistance in the form of water, sanitation, and hygiene support, food distributions, and shelter support.


This project reaches 40,000 people.

Type ramp: Material relief assistance and services Response Storm
Donateur: The Netherlands Red Cross, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (BuZa)
Uitvoerende partners: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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